Friday, September 10, 2010

Bear masks and bison burgers

A while ago, when I was bereft of new blog content, I asked readers for suggestions of things I could write about outside of just my day-to-day activities (not that those aren't scintillating). Jess of Frugal with a Flourish (she runs a great design/decorating blog with some cute ideas: suggested I try to up my Astorian readership by chronicling a local hot spot. Of course, she suggested this about four posts ago, but I'm finally getting around to trying it. Better late than never!

Naturally, you non-Astorian readers (which basically discounts all of you that I know of, except one) won't be quite as interested in this particular post. "Why would I want to read about some fantastic bar or restaurant that exists only in the far off neighborhood of Astoria?" you might ask yourself. Well, my answer to that is this: If you come visit me, I promise to take you there. It's all about incentives. Also, once Astorians start to google this local place and are led into the waiting clutches of my blog...well then, I'll finally have the local readership I always dreamed of. And isn't it all about the greater good?

Anyway, the local establishment I've chosen to feature is one that's just an avenue away. It's a delicious organic burger place called Bare Burger. It actually only opened a year or so ago. I remember I used to walk by the "coming soon" sign on my way home. Nevertheless, it's already a very popular place, and it's quickly achieved the status of making people wait for a table on weeknights. But it's also one of those places I'm willing to wait around for. For starters, they have a cute, homey feel with exposed brick and a yellow garage door that's open on summer days. The chandeliers are made of forks and spoons and there are random bear masks on the walls. I've always liked bears.But really the cutest cutlery chandelier wouldn't be worth its welding if the food wasn't any good. And the food at Bare Burger is pretty delicious. This is not your typical burger joint. They have delicious fries (that come with a number of non-ketchup dipping sauces) and any of their specialty burger toppings can come on a patty of beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, elk, bison, ostrich, veggie, or portobello mushroom. The choice is yours. You can also choose from a selection of buns, or--for the truly health-minded burger eater--replace the bun with a lettuce wrap. Bare Burger also have some amazing organic milkshakes. I've only tried the peanut butter and the blackberry, but I hear the pistachio is nice as well. If only "organic" was a perfect synonym for "healthy."They also have a good selection of local beers, including the adorably canned Porkslap Ale. Mmm...malty.
I recommend the brunch highly as well. It's one of the few brunches in the neighborhood that doesn't come with a mimosa or bloody mary, but on those occasions when alcohol with breakfast isn't desired, it's a great choice.

So yes, if any of my readers want to travel quite a ways to grab dinner or brunch at the wonderful Bare Burger, well then you're welcome to stay on my couch. And, as you know from previous posts, it's a pretty nice couch.


  1. Looks yummy but how do you get your mouth around that?

  2. With difficulty! That's why I sometimes opt for the sliders.

  3. Hey, Susan! I have walked by that place on my many trips to Steinway St. and wondered about it. I am quite appreciative that you took the time to review it. Now I can try it with confidence!

  4. See! I knew that would work! What a charming place - I love little local restaurants like that! It has so much more character than a chain! And I fully expect that you will have to take me there the next time I am in New York!

  5. Sarah--I just realized that, thanks to you, I actually have at least 2 Astoria readers! That's a much better foundation to work with.

    Jess--Thanks for the advice! And come by and try it out anytime :)