Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I did last night

It's a coworker's birthday today and so I wanted to finally make some fancy cupcakes from this book. A Christmas present I have frequently perused, but never actually used.

Three hours later and a kitchen now saccharine with layers of candy, frosting, and twinkie remnants, I created these bad boys:The picture isn't the best because it was taken on an iphone (my hands were too iced to consider getting out my own camera with "food" setting). However, if you can't tell, these are sharks leaping ferociously from the water surrounded by schools of fish, buoys, and life preservers (some with "bites" taken out of them).

The subway ride to work was undertaken very carefully as the top heavy twinkie sharks were somewhat unstable (as I discovered by several taking a nose dive in my freezer while I was trying to freeze some structural integrity into them). Lacking the telltale cartilagenous skeleton of their real life counterparts, several fallen comrades had to be abandonned (to tupperware for later consumption...). At any rate, most of my cupcakes made it to work unscathed. A couple had fallen together, but I decided it looked like a feeding frenzy, which really could be a natural occurrence amongst a pack of shark cupcakes. Hopefully, they still taste good after living in my freezer for nearly an hour and then chilling in my fridge all night.

I had to skip my book club for this, but I hadn't finished the book anyway, so it was probably for the best. Good use of an evening, no?


  1. You must follow up with information about your co-workers' reactions. And what about people on the subway? Are New York commuters so jaded they didn't notice? That blue is really blue!

  2. The response was positive. The birthday boy described them as "epic."

    As for people on the subway: believe me I covered them with foil rather than risk exposure to the general filth level of the subway. While I was walking up the stairs to the train though, I nearly tripped on my sandal while precariously balancing the box. Some random guy walking next to me was like "whoa...that would have been bad." I appreciated the statement of fact, naturally.

    And thanks, it IS really blue. And a little green. You know, to capture the mesmerizing quality of the ocean.

  3. That is awesome!!!! I love it!