Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deep in the heart of the Houston suburbs

Tomorrow morning, I'll be embarking on a (in my opinion, richly deserved) vacation. As I won't be tethered to a keyboard 8 hours a day, I don't think I'll be doing much blogging. However, I promise when I return I will come bearing the gift of photos and stories from Mexico. That's right--I'll be journeying to Mexico City to visit friends and explore the city all of next week. But this weekend, I'm excited to announce I will be enjoying the equal richness of the suburbs in beautiful Spring, Texas.

In honor of the occasion, I google image searched my hometown to see what nostalgia inducing images I could cull from the grand reaches of the internet. Many of them did not inspire familiarity at all...
Case in point: This was one of not two but three seperate photos of in-line skaters that came up on the first page of results. I don't recall seeing many in-line skaters much growing up. But now that I'm thinking of it, I remember suddenly a faction of the homeowner's association of my neighborhood trying to block the addition of sidewalks because they thought they would cause skateboarders and hooligans to come. If only I'd understood their presience then.

In May of 2005, ghost hunters in Spring Texas conclusively proved the existense of paranormal activity in our suburban hamlet. These pictures, taken in a location the ghost hunters call only "Cemetary #1," are undoctored orbs which any ghost hunter knows prove the presence of other worldly beings. I was shocked too.

This one confused me at first because I thought it was actually a picture of the Hollywood sign outside of Los Angeles, California. By clicking on the link this picture came from, I found out that this was from a relator in Spring, Texas looking to sell houses by playing up the Spring, Texas/Hollywood connection. Did you know musician Lyle Lovett was from Spring, Texas? What about actor Matt Bomer who not only lived in Spring but went to my high school? I haven't heard of him either, but apparently he was named one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Rising Stars." It's enough to make me want to buy a house there.

I don't know what this is about.

Finally! After going through 10 pages of results, I come upon one thing that reminds me of home. This statue is of the talented Arabian race horse Morafic who spent his entire life in Egypt and never set foot in Texas. And yet for some reason this statue is at the entrance to my neighborhood in front of a large shopping center. Beautiful. Majestic. Just like Spring, Texas.

Ah, the memories. I can't wait to head home!


  1. Come on! Some great bloggers have come from Spring, Texas! And there's a fast food restaurant on every corner. Not to mention...

  2. ...a nail place, a doughnut shop, and a pizza joint in every strip mall! Maybe you're trying to keep some anonymity, but didn't you actually live closer to Klein, TX? When googling Klein for nostalgic photos I found this:

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Hey I just realized that my friend Holly (my coworker whom you met that one time at the Peruvian charity thing) is going to be in Mexico city this week too! Maybe you'll cross paths. Probably not and you might not even remember what she looks like, but if you did run into her that would be a fun story - for me at least. Anyway, I look forward to your post about the trip. And pictures!

  4. Hi Susan,
    Nice to catch up with you. Enjoyed this post as i have seen your very neighborhood, at least in it's former rural incarnation. The Mexico visit (which I read first) sounded fabulous.